Sewing Machine

Engineer Aid was tasked with breathing new life into the product’s aesthetics while enhancing its functionality and user experience. From the outset, the team was challenged with ensuring design changes could effectively be incorporated into existing product lines without requiring significant changes in fit and function.

Leveraging our expertise in metal casting, we explored various geometries and surface finishes to achieve a sleek and modern look and feel. With perserving existing product line fitment as a key priority, we strategically redesigned specific components to be used for particular configurations of the product.

Portability and protection of the device were also requirements of the engineering effort. Engineer Aid was responsible for designing a durable and lightweight travel system for the Sewing Machine and its accessories. Our team leveraged vacuum molding as a robust and cost effective solution to meet the needs of users. Roller wheels were incorporated into the design to further the aspect of portability and improve the user experience.