Neurovision Medical

The Scorpion Stimulating EMG forceps offer a comprehensive solution for Intraoperative neuromontioring (IONM). Also shown the Cobra EMG endotracheal tube, a design that empowers surgical decision making.

The EMG forceps integrated design utilizes the surgical technique to generate real-time feedback on nerve activity. Neuromonitoring with electromyography(EMG) allows for immediate nerve identification and monitoring during complex surgeries. The stimulating forceps deliver evoked EMG signals to confirm nerve location and integrity, while continuous stimulation generates EMG activity until surgery is complete.

Cobra EMG offers superior vocal cord contact that is atraumatic. Delivering reliable neuromonitoring EMG signals while minimizing airway trauma. A key component of the Cobra EMG is its compatibility with other nerve monitoring systems, for easy integration with existing equipment.

Engineer Aid has assited Neurovision Medical Products in the continued support of design and design updates to their product line. Our familiarity with the rigorous requirements of the medical device industry, paired with our agility to respond to customer needs, has lead to success in the program.