Lapiplasty Surgery Jig

The Lapiplasty Surgery Jig is a highly engineered and innovative solution for lapiplasty procedures. This all-in-one instrument streamlines the surgical workflow by combining multiple functionalities into a single device, reducing the need for additional instruments.

Designed to meet the critical requirements of being lightweight, stiff, and radiolucent, the Lapiplasty Surgery Jig is optimally engineered using carbon fiber reinforced PEEK material. This advanced material choice ensures the jig is robust yet radiolucent, allowing for clear visualization during fluoroscopic imaging.

The jig’s unique design facilitates precise placement, stabilization, alignment correction, and plating, all within a single instrument. This integrated approach minimizes instrument exchanges, enhancing procedural efficiency and reducing the risk of surgical site contamination. The experience of the Engineer Aid team in the orthopedic and medical device space was leveraged in creating a product that was familiar and effective.