Grills by Demant

Engineer Aid is proud to be the dedicated engineering partner for Grills by Demant. Grills by Demant hand-craft and manufacture the pinnacle of live-fire grills that are robust and reliable.

As the design engineering resource for Grill’s team we believe the committment to quality and performance are paramount. For each design effort we conduct several design reviews with the customer to ensure each detail of the product is reviewed and any potentional issues are discovered up front. Each hem, jog, corner, and fastener are evaluated before sending the design to manufacturing for cutting and fabrication.

Pictured is the Swing Door Oven. This product will provide users with a live-fire oven that will withstand the demands of commerical grade cooking. Blending the time-honored culinary ideals with uncompromising construction and design.

The design of live-fire grills, ovens, and accessories mainly revolve around intricate sheet metal design. Our team has extensive experience in constructing a variety of complex features to achieve the requirements of the product while meeting a reasonable cost for manufacturing.