Ciari Guitars

Engineer Aid is proud to serve as the engineering and design partner of Ciari Guitars. Ciari has developed the world’s first full-size electric travel guitar that refuses to compromise tone, playability, or performance.

Working with Ciari we were able to take the mechanism concept to the next step of manufacturability and usability. We provided expertise in mechanism re-design, selection of materials, specification of finish, and overall improvement in the assembly process. We leverage our expertise in several manufacturing processes including machining, injection molding, casting, and sheet metal design to improve the fit and function of the assembly.

The guitar is constructed from a variety of materials and requires maticulous attention to detail to ensure it works as expected each and every time. Ultimately our contributions have been key to reducing the cost for the customer and allowing them to expand the product line. Engineer Aid continues to support Ciari Guitars in their efforts to re-define the guitar industry.